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Campus Health

IU Health deadline for completing exemption paperwork: September 1, 2015
Download the form at
IU Health deadline for obtaining a flu vaccination: November 12, 2015

Click the link to see September, October & November 2015 flu vaccination clinic schedules.

All IUPUI faculty, staff and students may receive a FREE flu vaccine at IUPUI clinics or Campus Health in Coleman Hall.
Students may visit Campus Center Student Health or Coleman Hall.
IUPUI ID is required to receive a free vaccine. Students should bring their insurance card.
Appointments for flu shots are not necessary.

Our flu vaccine is ordered as a single dose. Single doses do NOT contain preserves, including Thimersol. The stopper contains NO LATEX for those sensitive to latex.

Campus Health ordered the trivalent vaccine.

The 2014-2015 North American seasonal flu vaccine is the same mix as last year.
It includes 2 A strains: California H1N1 and Texas H3N2 and the Massachusetts B strain.
The vaccine confers immunity for approximately 6-8 months.

Many THANKS to the IU School of Nursing instructors and nursing students for their assistance in staffing IUPUI outreach flu clinics!