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Campus Health

Did you hear that this year's circulating flu virus 'drifted'?
Many people are getting sick with the flu even though they got their flu shot.
Don't think your flu shot was a waste of time or pain.
The viruses are closely related so your shot should decrease the severity and/or duration of your flu infection if you get it.

All IUPUI faculty, staff and students may receive a FREE flu vaccine.
IUPUI ID is required to receive a free vaccine. Students should bring their insurance card.
Appointments for flu shots are not necessary.

Our flu vaccine is ordered as a single dose. Single doses do NOT contain preserves, including Thimersol. The stopper contains NO LATEX for those sensitive to latex.

Campus Health ordered the trivalent vaccine and a few doses of the new quadrivalent vaccine.

The 2014-2015 North American seasonal flu vaccine is the same mix as last year.
It includes 2 A strains: California H1N1 and Texas H3N2 and the Massachusetts B strain.
The vaccine confers immunity for approximately 6-8 months.

Many THANKS to the IU School of Nursing instructors and nursing students for their assistance in staffing IUPUI outreach flu clinics!