Campus Health

Free flu vaccines are available at the Student Health clinic in the Campus Center and at Coleman Hall.
Flu vaccines are free with health insurance at retail clinics (Minute, Little & TakeCare clinics, etc).

CrimsonCard is required to receive a free vaccine. Students need to bring insurance cards at outreach clinics, Coleman Hall and Student health clinics.
Appointments for flu shots are NOT necessary.

Flu clinic dates:

October 2019
Oct 3 NU 127 10am-1pm
Oct 7 R4 Conf 101 1:30pm -3pm
Oct 9 mass clinic for students (flu, HPV and meningitis B) CE TV lounge 8am-6pm
Oct 10 AD 1006 9:30-11:30am
Oct 11 Goodman Hall 1353A/B 10am-12noon
Oct 17 MS South Atrium 8am-1pm
Oct 18 RG (old Regenstrief) Lobby 9:30am-11:30am
Oct 21 OH 12:30pm-1:30pm
Oct 23 UL 1126 1pm-4pm
Oct 24 DS 3rd floor 9am-1pm
Oct 24 MS South Atrium 2pm-4pm
Oct 25 PCC 3022 9am-10am
Oct 25 LV 1101 10:30am-12noon
Oct 30 HR Eskenazi Hall Basile Center 10am-12noon
Oct 30 Inlow Hall Atrium 1pm-3pm
Oct 31 EH 122 9am-12noon
November 2019
Nov 6 ET 108 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Nov 6 UC 104 10am-12noon
Nov 8 HITS HS1110 10:30am -12noon
Nov 13 mass clinic for students (flu, HPV & meningitis B) CE TV lounge 8am-6pm
Nov 14 IUPUI Health and Benefits Fair 9am-3pm

Campus Health ordered quadrivalent vaccine. The quadrivalent vaccine includes 2 A strains: A/Kansas/14/2017 an A/Kansas/14/2017 H3N2-like virus
and A/Brisbane/02/2018 ana/Brisbane/02/2018 H1N1pdm09-like virus
2 B strains B/Maryland/15/2016 (a/Coorado/06/2017-like virus and
B/Singapore/INFTT-16-0610 a Phuket/3073 2013-like virus.
The vaccine confers immunity for approximately 6-8 months.
Concerned about an egg-sensitivity? Ask for our egg free flu shot. None of our flu shots contain preservatives. CDC VIS sheet