Campus Health

Free flu vaccines are available at the Student Health clinic in the Campus Center and at Coleman Hall.
Flu vaccines are free with health insurance at retail clinics (Minute, Little & TakeCare clinics, etc).

CrimsonCard is required to receive a free vaccine. Insurance cards are NOT needed at outreach clinics.
Students should bring their insurance card to Coleman Hall or Student health clinics.
Appointments for flu shots are NOT necessary.

Campus Health ordered quadrivalent vaccine. The quadrivalent vaccine includes 2 A strains: A/Singapore/GP1908/2015 IVR-180 (H1N1)
and A/North Carolina/04/2016 (H3N2); and
2 B strains B/IOWA/06/2017 a colorado like virus and
B/Singapore/INFTT-16-0610 a Phuket/3073 2013-like virus.
The vaccine confers immunity for approximately 6-8 months.
Our current supply contains a small amout of thimersol. It is antibiotic free and not grown in eggs.