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Campus Health

Contact Us

IUPUI Campus Health at Coleman Hall or Campus Center Student Health

Coleman Hall
1140 W. Michigan Street.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Student Appointments: 274-8214
Employee Occupational Health Appointments: 274-5887
IU Workman's Compensation: 274-1025
IU Health Workman's Compensation: 962-2281
Fax: 274-7657

Campus Center Student Health
420 University Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46202
CE 213, next to the JagTag Office
Wellness screenings: 274-1114
Receptionist: 274-2274
Fax 274-2273

Ask a Nurse

If you have a medical emergency, call 911. The email site is monitored periodically during business hours only.
Contact an IUPUI Campus Health nurse at asknurse. A nurse will respond to your e-mail within 3 business days.
Please contact the clinic by telephone or through your patient portal to request an appointment.
Get Web-enabled! Call 274-8214 or email us to become web-enabled. Then you can send messages, ask for appointments and review your records through your secure patient portal.

Immunizations or Records

Get Web-enabled to view and print your immunization records! cCll 274-8214 or email the clinic and request to be web-enabled. Once web-enabled you can view and print your medical records.
See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Release of Information form to obtain copies of records.
Faxed or emailed requests for immunization records are not accepted.


We strive to provide courteous service to our customers. If you feel you have received less than courteous service, please download the form, complete it and submit it to us. You can leave it with a receptionist, email it, send it by mail or interdepartmental mail.


Students are are strongly encouraged to make appointments, but walk-ins will be accommodated if possible. Same-day appointments are usually available if an appointment is requested in the morning. The last appointment of the day is at 4:00pm at Coleman Hall and 3:30 pm at Campus Center Student Health.

Employees seeking care for work-related injuries or illnesses may visit the Coleman clinic on a walk-in basis for the initial appointment. Follow-up appointments are scheduled in advance.

Please understand that the Coleman Hall clinic schedule often runs late because employees and students with occupational concerns are accomodated on a walk-in basis. Your patience is appreciated.

To schedule an appointment, call 274-8214 . If you are web-enabled, go to the Portal and schedule it.

Icon: ImportantAppointments and cancellations may not be made via Outlook e-mail. Call Campus Health at 274-8214 to make or cancel appointments.
You can use your portal to request and cancel appointments.